House Dressing

House Dressing

It’s all about taste, your taste. We can do everything from organising your cutlery drawer, putting up pictures to making beds and ensuring there’s food in the cupboards all the way through to installing your entertainment system.

From concept to completion we work with you. From your brief we create your ideal space using your furniture and personal belongings. Your welove interior designer (who you will work with you from concept to completion) will be on hand to help out every step of the way.

You don’t have time? Or you just want a fresh practical and stylish makeover? One of our interior designers can take charge and ensure all rooms are stylish, elegant and practical.

Mr A
Was moving from a large seven bedroom property in Chiswick to St Tropez but also about a third of the contents was going to a smaller property in Chiswick.

We organised everything from the packing to dressing the new smaller property and were on hand to advise on what you need to scale down when downsizing.

"We really enjoyed the move in spite its complicated nature. The team handled it brilliantly. Intelligent, amenable, charming and hardworking."

Customer Satisfaction Score 100%

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